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The Ohio Valley Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club

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Breed: Judge Mrs. Mrs Barbara du Pree "CURIG"

Show Chairman: Ms Neena VanCamp

Puppy & Veteran Sweeps: Judge Miss Juliana du Pree "CURIG"










Pembroke Derby


21st Annual Specialty

13th Independent


 March 15, 2018



 Clantyre Results

Show Officials


Past Specialty Results


2020 23rd Specialty


2019 22nd Specialty


2017 20th Specialty


2016 19th Specialty


2015 18th Specialty


2014 17th Specialty


2013 16th Specailty


2012 15th Specailty


2011 14th Specailty


2010 13th Specailty


2009 12th Specailty


2008 11th Specailty


2007 10th Specailty


2006   9th Specailty


2005   8th Specailty


2004   7th Specailty


2003   6th Specailty


 2018 Specialty Results

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